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On July 5, 2012, I was eight months pregnant when a repeat drunk driver slammed into my car. Although my mother and I survived, my unborn son Brady did not. Because Colorado does not recognize Brady as a person, there was no prosecution for his tragic death. Brady was eight pounds, two ounces.


When I tried to change our state laws to protect babies like Brady in January, abortion advocates and their allies at the capitol testified that I had merely “lost a pregnancy” and shot down a bill that would have brought justice to babies killed during the commission of a crime. Immediately following those hearings, I filed “The Brady Amendment” which calls for fetal homicide laws to at last be applied to unborn victims of violence in Colorado.



The same Lawmakers passed H.B. 1154, dishonestly titled the “Crimes Against Pregnant Women” act. Planned Parenthood and supporters of H.B. 1154, who opposed my efforts to bring justice for Brady, have now passed a law that specifically reinforces that babies like Brady are not persons and eliminates criminal liabilities for abortionists who kill women during an abortion. Governor Hickenlooper signed this law, which says that drunk drivers like the one who is responsible for Brady’s death could have as little as a $2,000 fine. My son’s life was worth infinitely more than $2,000! I believe that this is one of the most offensive and deceptive bills to ever be passed in Colorado.



In November 2014, every registered voter in Colorado will be given then chance to be a voice for Brady. We ask that you stand up to protect other innocent lives like Brady’s from acts of violence.

Vote Yes on 67