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What is the Brady Amendment about?

The Brady Amendment is not about politics, it is an amendment that will protect pregnant mothers and their unborn babies from violent and dangerous criminals. The Brady Amendment is named after Brady Surovik, who was only days from being born when his life was taken from him by a repeat drunk driver in Longmont, Colorado. Brady’s mom, Heather Surovik, started this Amendment initiative to honor the memory of her son, who like so many unborn babies had his life cut short by a violent criminal.

Is violence against pregnant mothers and their unborn babies common?

According to the National Organization for Women, homicide is the leading cause of death among pregnant women. (

Is the Brady Amendment about abortion?

The Brady Amendment is not political, it is about preventing violence against pregnant mothers and their unborn children. When society turns a blind eye to the death of unborn babies like Brady it is promoting violence against all women and their unborn children. The Brady Amendment seeks to honor the memory of Brady Surovik by clarifying that Brady was a little person and his life, and the life of all other unborn babies, is worth defending.

Is the Brady Amendment necessary?

In 2009, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that “this is an area that cries out for new legislation.” The court also pointed out that the Colorado “general assembly, unlike congress and most state legislatures, has precluded homicide prosecutions for killing the unborn.” The Brady Amendment is vitally important to expectant mothers and their unborn children in Colorado, serving as a deterrent to anyone who thinks that they can injure or kill an unborn child with minimal consequences.

If I could only do one thing, what would it be?

Call or email our office and ask for a DVD of the Brady Amendment. Contact your pastor and ask him to help you be a voice for Brady.

What about the claims of No on 67? Are they true?

No. The No on 67 campaign is trying to confuse voters by making multiple false statements about the potential affects of the amendment. Amendment 67 recognizes that babies in the womb, including babies like Brady, are people. No on 67 (Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League) refuses to acknowledge that any unborn babies are people or that they have any rights at all.

Just a few of their lies have been repeated by candidates and were fact-checked here.

Please read our fact sheet here.