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Posted on Jun 26, 2013

Heather-headI need your help.


On July 5, 2012, I was eight months pregnant when a repeat drunk driver slammed into my car. Although my mother and I survived, my unborn son Brady did not. Because Colorado does not recognize Brady as a person, there was no prosecution for his tragic death. Brady was eight pounds, two ounces.

When I tried to change our state laws to protect babies like Brady in January, abortion advocates and their allies at the capitol testified that I had merely “lost a pregnancy” and shot down a bill that would have brought justice to babies killed during the commission of a crime. Immediately following those hearings, I filed “The Brady Amendment” which calls for fetal homicide laws to at last be applied to unborn victims of violence in Colorado.



Just weeks ago those same lawmakers passed H.B. 1154, dishonestly titled the “Crimes Against Pregnant Women” act. Planned Parenthood and supporters of H.B. 1154, who opposed my efforts to bring justice for Brady, have now passed a law that specifically reinforces that babies like Brady are not persons and eliminates criminal liabilities for abortionists who kill women during an abortion. Governor Hickenlooper signed this law, which says that drunk drivers like the one who is responsible for Brady’s death could have as little as a $2,000 fine. My son’s life was worth infinitely more than $2,000! I believe that this is one of the most offensive and deceptive bills to ever be passed in Colorado.


Getting involved is easy! You can help spread the word by getting drop-cards and giving them out at events or at church. We’re also participating in parades around the state. Please call our office at (303) 456-2800. Please help me change this law through the Brady Amendment. The election will be here before you know it, so we need to spread the word and encourage people to vote Yes on Amendment 67. Your involvement will make the difference.


Together, we can put the issue of protecting mothers and unborn children before the people and be a voice for Brady.


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  1. Jodi Ervin

    What is the deadline? I would love to help but I can’t tell if we have missed our chance.

  2. E Rollins

    This is a terrable law. It says that if you kill a Baby by accident you will be charged, but you can kill it on pyrpose and you will not be charged. Vote no

    • Drew Hymer

      It doesn’t say that at all. When the drunk driver killed her baby, that wasn’t an accident but a criminal act. It means that for any criminal act that harms an unborn baby, the perpetrator will face charges for harming the baby.

      Sadly and outrageously, abortion is not a criminal act in Colorado. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pass something that will protect babies in other situations — especially since this proposed law doesn’t condone abortion.

  3. Kimberly Haskell

    Heather, I heard your story on Fox News and my heart just sank, your story is so much like mine. My heart goes out to as I too understand exactly what you are going through. On Oct. 4, 2002 I had just left my OB-GYN also 8mths pregnant. My doctor was going to induce labor in 1 more week, so I left and picked up my husband and twin boys and we were on our way to Wal-Mart to get a crib for our son “Logan Andrew Haskell”. A women was speeding out of a school zone on her cell phone and ran a stop sign. She slammed into the passenger side of our car where I was sitting and she shoved us across the street into oncoming traffic where we were hit head on by another driver. My seatbelt nearly cut me in half, rupturing my uterus and cause the placenta to rip off. My dear little boy died inside me before they could cut me free from the car. I too spent a week in ICU, and I can no longer have any children due to my injures. Logan would be 12 yrs old this Oct. 4 and a day doesn’t ever go by that I don’t think about him or what happened to us. I am still struggling with his loss to this day. Indiana law also did not protect unborn children back then either. We tried to get the law changed and the Pro-abortion activists attached a bunch of things to the law and it never went through. A few years later another young woman here was also 8 mths pregnant and was hit by a drunk driver just like you. She also lost her son Drew. We helped support “Drew’s Law”, it passed and was signed into law on July 1, 2010. It was a fight, as the pro-abortion activists don’t give up and they would leave nasty messages anywhere they could. They just do not understand, our children were viable, were babies, were human and we Loved and Wanted them in this world. I just want to leave you with some encouragement, my condolences, and for you to never ever give up. It is going to be a hard long fight ahead of you not only for the law you are trying to get passed, but for your emotional state. I wish you all the best in life and may God give you the blessings you deserve for fighting for the innocent ones.

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