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Mike Huckabee interviews Heather Surovik

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

Watch Heather Surovick’s interview by Mike Huckabee on his show.


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  1. Alysse Dahlgren

    Colorado should pass the amendment. Every human is a person. The driver should be charged with reckless homicide for killing Brady under the influence. Both Heather and Brady were injured during the crash. Brady’s death was not intended but accidental given his killer was drunk. Heather should strive for Colorado to recognize who her late son was and still is at the moment of death: a person. I also believe we must present medical evidence preborn children are fully human to convince law makers. Please warn people drunkenness has consequences.

  2. Noduh

    It’s so painfully obvious to see who and what is right and wrong. Yet the ignorance and stubbornness of some people will stop at nothing to get what they want despite the pain and suffering of others… *Insert more LOVE here please*

  3. Janet

    In Illinois we have protection for the fetus involved in a argument or a domestic altercation. If the mother is hit then it becomes a felony for protection of the pregnancy as child endangerment. I have you in my prayers this goes through as a law on Colorado. It would be a blessing as a federal law also.

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